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CBDC in Russia: The pilot project of the digital ruble could see the light as early as 2025

In 2026, the use of the digital ruble should already be possible in Russia, although mass adoption will have to wait until 2030.

Russia invests in Bitcoin mining and becomes the second superpower in the world in terms of computing power

The news comes following a strategic investment by the country.

Latest crypto news from Russia: from the issues with Binance to the initiatives for Tether.

All the latest news regarding cryptocurrencies involving Russia

Crypto news on WalletConnect restrictions in Russia: compliance with OFAC guidelines

OFAC guidelines prevent the use of WalletConnect in Russia

North Korean hackers use crypto exchange in Russia

An on-chain discovery reveals that there would be some sort of alliance in place since 2021

Binance: the crypto exchange considers leaving Russia

CZ's exchange has reportedly helped Russian nationals evade sanctions imposed by Western countries on several occasions

Crypto news from Russia: billionaire Yevgeny Prigozhin owns one of the largest Bitcoin wallets

The revelation of the Russian tycoon's involvement in a sizable Bitcoin reserve

Russia: 13 banks will test the CBDC

The digital ruble will be tested in 2024 and probably launched in 2025

Russia: millions in the Tether (USDT) stablecoin traded on the day of the coup

Peak in trading between rubles and USDT, though lower than in the days of the invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s largest bank will offer crypto trading services

Sberbank is set to offer cryptocurrency trading services

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