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Worldcoin and decentralized authentication on Shopify, Mercado Libre, Minecraft, Reddit, and Telegram.

The decentralized collaboration of Worldcoin with Shopify, Telegram, and Reddit

Shopify integrates Solana Pay for crypto payments in USDC

The e-commerce giant enables users to link crypto-wallets

Shopify experiments with new features in the field of Web3

The app, called the "Web3 Rewards Tool," will enable more than 4 million merchants and online stores to develop digital token rewards for their customers

Shopify and Thirdweb partnership for NFTs: the launch of Commercekit

All the information regarding the collaboration between Shopify and Thirdweb

NFT: Shopify adds Avalanche-based NFTs for its merchants

The ecommerce giant has integrated a new blockchain

BigCommerce: Shopify’s competitor integrates Bitcoin payments

This is made possible through a partnership with Bitpay and Coinpayments

Shopify integrates NFTs

A new feature allows customers to link their wallets to e-commerce sites hosted on the platform

Shopify will soon accept payments in Bitcoin

The e-commerce giant Shopify is ready to support the Bitcoin Lightning Network thanks to a partnership with Strike

Shopify now allows the sale of NFTs

An app released that allows merchants to coin and sell non-fungible tokens

Binance Pay arrives on Shopify

This will take place thanks to a partnership with Alchemy Pay

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