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Edward Snowden: this year it will be discovered that a country has purchased Bitcoin

The new forecast from the famous whistleblower on X.

Edward Snowden doesn’t watch the Super Bowl, but the price of Bitcoin

Despite the absence of crypto ads, Bitcoin still managed to make an appearance in the television event of the year.

Edward Snowden supports the Tornado Cash developers in their legal case

Latest news: Edward Snowden has taken a stance on X to publicly support the developers of Tornado Cash.

Snowden is a Russian citizen

The Tass news agency brings to light how in an unexpected twist, yesterday Vladimir Putin granted Russian citizenship to Edward Joseph Snowden

Edward Snowden played a key role in the creation of Zcash

The NSA whistleblower and privacy advocate has been at ZEC since 2016

Nym, privacy infrastructure invites Snowden on stage in Paris

A few days ago the project was in the French capital and held an event with the famous hacker

Edward Snowden: “Cryptocurrencies a threat to governments”

The computer scientist accused of espionage for revealing confidential documents talks about cryptocurrencies in a long interview

Edward Snowden uses Zcash

He revealed this himself on Twitter 

Edward Snowden: China and the US increasingly similar

A thought process on the concept of freedom, and on the similarities with which the US and Chinese governments approach the subject 

Snowden: Bitcoin strengthened by China’s ban

Governments have repeatedly tried to curb BTC, but haven't really succeeded yet

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