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Further step forward for NFT owners: Spotify and token-enabled music playlists

Spotify is testing token-enabled music playlists: all the latest news

Spotify acquires Sonantic: the AI platform that creates realistic human voices

The London-based startup helped bring Val Kilmer's voice in 'Top Gun: Maverick' to life

Spotify: new tests allowing artists to promote NFTs

The testing involves selected users of the Android app in the US

Spotify launches its own island in the Roblox metaverse

The music streaming service has launched its new island in the Roblox metaverse

Spotify-inspired Metalink releases NFT Wrapped of the Year

A free animation of Non-Fungible Tokens bought, sold, and traded in 2021

Spotify Stock vs Bitcoin: which performed better

The price of Spotify shares on the New York Stock Exchange has fluctuated quite a lot since they were listed, with returns similar in some ways to those of BTC

Spotify: similar apps but decentralized

Online music streaming can also be carried out with decentralized platforms that allow artists more freedom and higher revenue rates

Worldcoin (WLD) launches World ID 2.0 to revolutionize online interaction of cryptocurrencies.

From Shopify to Minecraft, World ID 2.0 expands successfully on various platforms.

NFT: Allegations against crypto platform Rarible

Some auctions allegedly manipulated in a non-transparent way

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