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USDX: the first stablecoin issuance on the layer-1 Flare

Hex Trust has recently made headlines by issuing the first native stablecoin on the Layer-1 Flare blockchain.

Kraken denies plans for delisting the stablecoin USDT in the EU

One of the latest episodes involved Kraken and Tether's USDT stablecoin.

: the home of the USD Coin stablecoin transfers its legal base to the United States and plans an IPO

Circle, the issuer of the USD Coin stablecoin, is transferring its legal base from Ireland to the United States.

Stall in the expansion of Stablecoin waiting for US Inflation data

The wait for new data on US inflation, expected for Wednesday, has cast a shadow of uncertainty on the expansion of stablecoins, digital currencies designed to maintain a stable value by anchoring to assets such as the US dollar. The US awaits the new CPI for the expansion of stablecoins The imminent update of the American Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is expected […]

Exploring the role of stablecoins in global remittances

Explore the transformative role of stablecoins like USDT in global remittances, offering a stable, efficient, and private alternative to traditional financial systems.

The government of the United Kingdom prioritizes legislation on stablecoin and staking, says Secretary Bim Afolami

In a recent statement, Economic Secretary Bim Afolami announced the commitment of the UK government to promote legislation regarding stablecoins and staking in the coming weeks. This announcement highlights the government's response to the rapid evolution of the digital currency landscape and its intention to foster a regulatory environment conducive to […]

Colombia: Bancolombia launches a new crypto-exchange and the stablecoin Peso

The banking conglomerate enters the crypto sector.

The stablecoins USDT and USDC are rarely used for payment transactions

Despite a significant amount of monthly transactions, less than 10% are made online or in the real world to pay for purchases.

The stablecoin issuer Tether strengthens compliance with Chainalysis blockchain technology

The innovative collaboration for better surveillance of digital assets.

Tether: excellent news from the USDT stablecoin company

Record profits for the group, which now deals with more than just stablecoin.

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