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The collapse of the value of NFTs and the comment of the CEO of SuperRare

The NFT market is not doing well at the moment, but it is trying to reinvent itself.

SuperRare ventures into Bitcoin Ordinals: presentation of the NFT collection “No Brainers”

SuperRare is expanding its presence in the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.

Bruno Cerasi: continues the journey with the drop of the NFT of Faded22/II on SuperRare

Throughout the year 2023 told through a single digital butterfly.

The latest NFT news at SuperRare

The partnership with the French magazine ELLE

NFT Magazine: Osinachi, the third best-selling artist on SuperRare, makes the cover

The 10th issue of the magazine in the form of Non-Fungible Token will be on sale soon

SuperRare: $RARE token will be listed on Coinbase

The US exchange revealed the listing of some upcoming cryptocurrencies that will be added to trading

SuperRare: the speech on the NFT market by co-founder and CEO John Crain in Lugano

The famous creator of the NFT platform gave a keynote during Metaforum, which was held on 13 June

Gucci and SuperRare together for a new NFT gallery

New projects in the Web3 world for the famous fashion house

NFT: Cozomo de’ Medici’s newsletter for SuperRare

The collapse of Ethereum and crypto like the 1990s comic book bubble

SuperRare announces Digital Identity: the third exhibition at Soho Gallery

The exhibition features 18 leading artists exploring the themes of digital and physical identity

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