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Phantom acquires Bitski: revolution in wallets on Solana

New opportunities for users and developers thanks to embedded wallets

Vitalik Buterin speaks out on threats to Ethereum’s decentralization

The three main issues: MEV, liquid staking, and hardware requirements for nodes.

BRICS Alliance: China, Russia, and India bypass the US dollar and put pressure on the West

The BRICS countries, especially Russia, China, and India, are trading goods in Rubles, Yuan, and Rupees bypassing the US dollar.

Dolce & Gabbana under fire: 97% losses on their metaverse NFTs

Dolce & Gabbana has been sued by a dissatisfied customer for mishandling the delivery of his NFT clothing in the Metaverse.

Fordefi: security assured in the crypto ecosystem thanks to Munich Re

The crucial role of Lockton's LEAP in DeFi insurance consolidation

Millennium Management unveils a $2 billion Bitcoin ETF portfolio

Millennium Management made headlines in the financial world by announcing a $2 billion ETF portfolio on Bitcoin.

Blockchain: Tron adds Google Cloud as a super representative candidate

Google Cloud has announced that it has been added as a super representative candidate on the Tron blockchain.

Worldcoin Introduces a New Standard in Biometric Data Protection

Worldcoin Foundation has recently made a significant announcement: the migration to a new open-source system designed to improve the protection of users' biometric data, in particular iris codes. This change is welcomed with interest and some skepticism, as the protection of personal data is a matter of growing importance in today's digital world. […]

Boom della crypto Pepe: superate Solana e Dogecoin per volumi

The meme-stock boom has also triggered a meme-crypto coin boom, but particularly only on Pepe.

Official: the Swiss bank UBS has bought Bitcoin ETFs

They declared it themselves in an official document, even though the explanation is extremely limited.

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