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Trust Wallet alerts the crypto community about a potential fraud within iOS devices: “Turn off iMessage”

Trust Wallet has warned the entire crypto community about a potential scam that would exploit the iMessage function of iOS devices.

Trust Wallet launches Swift for crypto smart contracts

A new feature that allows you to pay for gas in over 200 tokens, including TWT.

The vulnerabilities of the iOS app “Binance Trust Wallet”: the investigation by US authorities

The spotlight has been turned on the iOS app of Binance Trust Wallet, which has been targeted by cyber attackers.

Trust Wallet reveals new crypto identity: “own your financial freedom”

The popular multi-chain wallet gets a makeover with a powerful message of financial autonomy

Arkham Intelligence Claims to Uncover Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Wallet Addresses

The latest revelation by blockchain analytics platform Arkham Intelligence has certainly added to the suspense

TON crypto now supported by Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet users can now hold, receive and send Toncoin

Trust Wallet will refund $170,000 in crypto losses to users

The affected wallet addresses had been created between 14 and 23 November 2022

2023 CMC Crypto Playbook: 2023 Trends — From Centralized Exchanges to Self-Custodial Wallets by Trust Wallet

In the first DeFi section of the 2023 CMC Crypto Playbook series, Trust Wallet lays out the key trends in crypto self-custody moving into 2023

Trust Wallet supports 4.5 million assets, including NFTs

Trust Wallet: the non-custodial multi-crypto wallet application supporting 65 blockchains

DeFi Gems For December: Oryen Network, Trust Wallet Token, Convex Finance

The December DeFi gems include Oryen Network, Convex Finance, and Trust Wallet Token.

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