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Stock analysis of Enel, Unicredit, Saipem, Nio, Azimut and Generali

Energy, tech, banking and insurance sectors

An overview of the stocks of Coinbase, Enel, UniCredit, Intesa Sanpaolo and Azimut

The performance of the Italian stock market and elsewhere

Perfomance of Italian stocks: Enel, Unicredit, Eni and Stellantis

Let's take a case-by-case look at how the most important stocks on the Italian stock market have reacted in Piazza Affari

Stocks of Tesla, Unicredit, Azimut and GameStop

Positive session for the financial sector in general

Tentative positive signs from the market with shares of Beyond Meat, Meta, Tesla, Eni and Unicredit

The first tentative results are beginning to be seen, but the risks are not yet over

Italian stocks beat Wall Street: the performance of Eni, Enel, Unicredit, Microsoft and Ferrari

With a bear market nearing its end and a contrasting session, it can be seen that regardless of the sector many Italian stocks are performing better than those in the US

Bitcoin miner seeks €131 million in compensation from Unicredit

The relationship between Unicredit and the world of cryptocurrencies amid past events and a lawsuit with a Bosnian Bitcoin mining company

Unicredit’s U-turn on cryptocurrencies

After the controversy surrounding Unicredit's alleged threat to close accounts for those who invest in cryptocurrencies, the bank has now clarified its position

Unicredit advises against Bitcoin: flower wreath in Catania

Controversy not limited to social networks

UniCredit against Bitcoin: protest on Twitter

The bank tweeted that it prohibits its account holders from interacting with crypto exchanges

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