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Trump’s Ethereum (ETH) Move: Kelexo (KLXO) Presale Speculations Rise, as More Whales Join From USDC (USDC)

American President, Donald Trump, sold a huge amount of Ethereum (ETH) in January this year. All details below.

The market cap of stablecoins is recovering: USDC and USDT lead the cryptocurrency rally

The stablecoin market is experiencing a strong recovery in recent months: the market cap has finally returned above $140 billion.

Circle: USDC ceases to exist on the Tron blockchain

The decision by Circle suggests the possible future creation of a native network for the stablecoin.

Circle brings the USDC stablecoin to Celo: possible evolution in gas currency

Imminent vote on Celo governance: USDC could become the official gas currency.

Coinbase will introduce fees on large conversions from USDC to USD: here’s what you need to know

The changes will be charged to institutional customers for conversions exceeding 75 million dollars.

Collaboration between Chainlink and Circle: integration of CCTP for cross-chain USDC transfers

The promising partnership for cross-chain USDC integration

USDT surpasses USDC on Aave: new records in the crypto market

The growth of Tether (USDT) in Aave V3 on Mainnet

Only 7 months from the network’s launch, Sui is bridging more USDC liquidity than multiple native chains

Sui, the groundbreaking Layer 1 blockchain created by the technology experts who led Meta’s Diem blockchain initiative and created the Move smart contract language

Circle releases version 2.2 for USD coin (USDC) and EURO coin (EURC) stablecoins

Company promises improved user experience in terms of security and gas costs

Stablecoin: Tether (USDT) increasingly dominates over USD Coin (USDC)

USDC still dominates only on some DeFi networks, but for the rest the dominance of USDT is virtually absolute

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