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The hacker group CiberInteligenciaSV brings the government of El Salvador to its knees and publicly leaks the source code of the Bitcoin Chivo wallet

The hacker group "CiberInteligenciaSV" is attempting to breach the security of the government of El Salvador, violating the Bitcoin wallet Chivo.

Analyst Call Out Biggest Bull Run of 2024: 3 Tokens to Add to Your Wallet

Here's a comprehensive review of three altcoins that are likely to rally alongside the impending bullish wave. They include KangaMoon, Theta Network, and the Internet Computer.

Bitcoin Ordinals, Game Boy and hardware wallet inspired by Bitcoin, sells out instantly

Ordz Games (by Bitcoin Ordinals) has recently launched the BitBoy One, a portable gaming device similar to the Game Boy.

Kraken launches its own non-custodial crypto wallet

Open-source and without KYC, with a customer service always active.

Bitget Wallet Makes Waves in European Market During Paris Blockchain Week Showcase

Bitget Wallet, a leading Web3 wallet backed, made a significant impact at the Paris Blockchain Week 2024.

Trust Wallet alerts the crypto community about a potential fraud within iOS devices: “Turn off iMessage”

Trust Wallet has warned the entire crypto community about a potential scam that would exploit the iMessage function of iOS devices.

Ethereum is ready to bring smart contracts to EVM wallets with the Pectra update

Developers Ethereum are planning the next evolutionary steps in the network's smart contracts with the "Pectra" update.

1inch: a new hardware wallet for Ethereum and more

1inch was among the sponsors of the famous Paris Blockchain Week event and here, at the booth, the company presented us with the prototype of their new hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and more. The event took place from April 9th to 11th, 2024 in the French capital and it was here that 1inch presented for the first time […]

Violation of data in El Salvador: the case of the Chivo crypto wallet

Leakage of the database with personal data of over 5 million Salvadorans.

Satoshi Protocol: First CDP on Bitcoin Layer2, 500k OSHI Airdrop with Binance wallet and BEVM

Singapore, Singapore, April 10th, 2024, ChainwireOn April 4th, Binance Web3 Wallet joined forces with BEVM, a leading Bitcoin Layer2, and its ecosystem project, Satoshi...

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