Fiorenzo Manganiello

Fiorenzo Manganiello founded the Lian Foundation in 2019 with the purpose of connecting people. He promotes education through his roles as President of the foundation and professor in blockchain. Fiorenzo studied financial economics at LUISS Business School and attended top universities, LSE and IMD. He is an Italian financier and professor in the field of venture capital and blockchain at the Geneva Business School. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, he founded with his partner, Nessim-Sariel Gaon, an investment firm focused on technology. Acknowledging the gap in regards with the advancements of technology, they both wanted to promote digital education. Lian Foundation is born with the purpose to educate and contribute to high social impact initiatives. Lian Foundation is a platform promoting social cohesions and culture diversity, connecting businesses and charitable entities with the intention to educate and engage people. Involved for the millennial community, Fiorenzo initiated a collaboration with Head Geneva. Lian Foundation will be delivering an award as part of the Master Media Design.


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