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The Launch of Multi-Collateral Dai – Important information for all Dai holders

Read this article in Italian here. One of the most exciting and leading projects in the DeFi space is MakerDAO. They are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization made up of a

eidoo compound

Don’t just HODL… Lend and earn with Compound and Eidoo!

Last month we integrated with Compound, giving you even more DeFi tools to play with — without ever having to leave the safety and convenience of the Eidoo platform. As

Eidoo lists Moneyfold, a new stablecoin pegged to EUR

We are thrilled to announce Eidoo is listing a new stablecoin called Moneyfold (EURM) pegged to EUR. In 2018, Moneyfold graduated from a regulatory sandbox promoted by the Financial Conduct

eidoo hybrid exchange

Get Ekon Gold now on the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange

The stablecoin Ekon Gold (EKG) is now live on the Eidoo Hybrid exchange. You can buy EKG with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Moreover, through the Eidoo

ekon gold ekg app

The first Ekon Gold has been minted. Get EKG on the app!

Eidoo’s Ekon Gold (EKG) is the meeting point between  – gold – and cryptocurrency. This is to offer a store of value and to beat the value fluctuations of cryptocurrencies.

Eidoo: crypto in the spotlight for charity

We are happy to announce today that the Eidoo team and that of Poseidon – the holding company of our Swiss company – have been chosen by fashion photographer Julian

bitfinex leo token eidoo

Anyone can now buy Bitfinex’s LEO tokens thanks to Eidoo

Thanks to the Eidoo established network of accredited investors selected to participate in the LEO private sale and therefore LEO token holders, we are now able to offer everyone the

btc eth debit card

Eidoo: buy BTC and ETH with your credit or debit card

We are thrilled to announce that the new update of the Eidoo app is now available. It is the version 1.7.4 and it allows you – among the other things

eidoo consensus crypto valley

Eidoo at Consensus NY 2019 together with the Crypto Valley

Eidoo is happy to inform that our team will attend the Consensus event 2019 in New York in partnership with the Crypto Valley Association as a platinum sponsor. Consensus 2019