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Discover Eidoo Card perks & rewards

Savannah Lee

The Eidoo Card launched just months ago, yet over 3 million PNT has already been staked by crypto users claiming their cards. Now it’s time to level up your DeFi experience with dozens of new perks – with more to come. 

Eidoo Card is unlike any other Visa debit card. Powered by your non-custodial crypto wallet, your funds are always in your control. You can instantly convert and load GBP or EUROS onto it to start spending anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide – that’s over 40 million locations. You will also receive the best crypto cashback rates in the business. 

Now we want to reward every Eidoo Card holder with some even better perks and benefits.


We have accounts suited to any level of HODLR;

  • BASIC – For those who like to dabble in DeFi and see where the world of crypto can take you today, our Basic card gives you everything you need. Bring your Eidoo wallet to life and get great cashback rewards.
  • VIP – Our VIP card unlocks rewards like airport lounge access, flight and hotel gift cards and Netflix for when you need to unwind. You also get a discount on eidooSWAP fees, and link Google Pay or Samsung Pay to your card!
  • BLACK – For those seeking an unparalleled, highly-curated card reward experience, our metal card invites you to stream, read and travel in style. Enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, plus extra vouchers for hotels and transport, and exclusive private jet programs. More incredible reward programs and benefits will be unreleased in the following weeks.


Explore the growing list of perks and rewards



You’re guaranteed to receive the maximum achievable crypto cashback when pre-ordering your card.

  • Basic 0.5% – 2.5% 
  • VIP 2.5% – 6.5% 
  • Black 6.5% – 10%

All tokens earned through the crypto cashback scheme are always unlocked, so you can withdraw these anytime you like. 

When cards are ordered post-launch, cardholders will earn the following cashback rates: 

  • Basic 0% – 1.25% 
  • VIP 1.5% – 3.25% 
  • Black 3.25% – 5%


Account upgrades

You can unlock account upgrades by staking more PNT to reach the next tier level. The more you spend and accumulate PNT cashback,  the more funds you can add to your staked amount. For example, if you have a Basic card, you can accumulate enough cashback to reach 25,000 PNT tokens and unlock a VIP card!


eidooSWAP discounts

  • VIP holders receive a 50% discount on eidooSWAP fees for 6 months when a card is pre-ordered; 25% if ordered post-launch.
  • Black card holders will receive fee-free eidooSWAP for 1 year when pre-ordered, and a 50% discount on eidooSWAP fees when ordered post-launch.


How do I get these benefits? 

Download the Eidoo app, pass Tier 2 verification and pre-order your card! Once your card has arrived and been activated, you will unlock all your rewards and benefits.


Savannah Lee

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