Eidoo is your gateway to the exciting new world of decentralised finance. An app designed for both your mobile and desktop devices, it’s the easiest and most secure way to explore the entire DeFi ecosystem. 

Eidoo integrates WalletConnect

Robin Whitney
Robin Whitney

Ready to venture further into the DeFi ecosystem?

We have the companion feature you’ve been waiting for! Introducing WalletConnect, a new integration that allows Eidoo users to interact with the leading desktop DApps without compromising their security.

Wallet Connect is an open-source protocol for connecting desktop DApps to mobile wallets, like Eidoo. It streamlines your access to decentralized applications like Compound, Pool Together, pTokens, or any DApp that offers a WalletConnect QR connection.  

How Does it Work? 

When using your preferred desktop DApp, access your address by scanning a QR code with your mobile Eidoo wallet. Once scanned, Eidoo will ask you to confirm that you want to share your wallet address with the DApp. If you grant access, your wallet will be unlocked and you’ll be able to interact with the DApp just as if you had connected a hardware wallet. Rest assured, your funds remain in your control. After connecting via WalletConnect, any transaction made on a DApp requires additional confirmation.

Safe and Secure

Eidoo and WalletConnect work hand in hand to safely connect you to new DeFi experiences. With its end-to-end encryption, WalletConnect never compromises recovery seeds or private keys, and you’ll always be asked to approve all transaction requests directly from your mobile device.

Thanks to this simple way for web-based DApps to talk to mobile wallets, you can take your Eidoo address across the entire world of DeFi. 

You can find the integration in the latest version of Eidoo now available in the Apple Store and on Google Play


Robin Whitney
Robin Whitney