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Eidoo announces restyling, fiat counter value, fingerprint unlock and more

Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchio

Today we want to share a big news that Eidoo has for you for the near future.

As we promised many times in our Telegram chat, we are going to add a lot of features in the Eidoo app, including:

  • App restyling;
  • Fingerprint and face unlock;
  • Wallet balance counter value in fiat currencies (euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, etc);
  • Eidoo DEX to be integrated into the main app (no 2 apps anymore);
  • New token listing in the DEX;
  • New interesting chances for projects to launch their ICO without dealing with any smart contract.

Note: a few of these features can be found in the beta version of the Android app. 

Let’s read more about these features with a few images as a preview of the new Eidoo app.

Download the app for your mobile: iOS or Android or for desktop.

The restyling power

Staying modern is a crucial yet challenging rebranding effort for every product.

But the problem is not so much on changing some colours or the app graphics interface (not our name), but on how to build a strong brand so that it can be appreciated by the market and last over time, reinforcing and adapting to its changes. It is a slow, delicate process that required us a strong investment in terms of time and efforts.

Our rebranding doesn’t include only colours and graphic but also our logo, as you can see in the image below:

eidoo rebranding

We are also working to change the Eidoo website look to make everything more homogeneous and consistent.

When Eidoo was born, back in mid 2017, we were only 5 people around a white oval table working on it, and since our ICO was being launched, our main focus was on a strong marketing strategy and, of course, the user satisfaction in terms of the usability and effectiveness of the app.

This is the reason why we didn’t focus so much on the graphic design back then, but now, as we are growing bigger and bigger and in a phase of consolidation, we decided to give the app a new fresh face.

Of course, the brand, due to the environmental and competitive changes in the market, is to be influenced by a continuous process of innovation.

This rebranding also comes at a turning point for our app and for our work as many new features will be added. Let’s read more about them.

Fingerprint and face ID unlock

As you asked us many times in our Telegram chat, here in the next version of the app you will find the ability to unlock the wallet with your fingerprint or face ID.

So, instead of unlocking the app with a password, you will be able to use this new features, depending on your device.

eidoo fingerprint

Fiat currency

Another feature you asked is to be able to see at any time what the wallet balance counter value in fiat currency is. In this new app version, we will include euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, and more than other 150 fiat currencies, so that you will be able to read the balance of your wallet with the fiat counter value.

It is not only related to the total value of the crypto stored in your wallet but also a balance of every single token you have. Prices are provided by the Cryptocompare APIs.

Here you can see a preview of the US dollar balance:

Eidoo exchange: Token Listing

Right now, as the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange was released in the form of a Preview version only, it can be tested by installing a separated app that you can download for Android devices only (read more here about our Eidoo hybrid exchange).

The exchange will soon be integrated into the main Eidoo app, so that every Eidoo user will be able to benefit from having it there.

Right after that, we will give the chance to anyone interested to send requests to list new tokens there: you will be able to send us an email to propose your token to be listed on our hybrid exchange. We will evaluate these tokens, and the ones which will be considered suitable the most will then be listed.

Also, we will add a section on the Eidoo website where we will communicate the tokens that will be burnt on a monthly basis.

ICO Engine improvements

Last but not least, we are also working to improve our ICO Engine platform, so startups will be able to organize their token sales in an even easier manner.

This will be possible by adding the ICO tokens in our exchange order book.

Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchio

Amelia is an investigative digital currency journalist and marketing expert. She started working in the fintech industry in 2014, after graduating from university in Rome with a thesis about how the movie industry relates to Bitcoin. She believes that the blockchain will change the way the economy operates worldwide.

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