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Introducing Eidoo Card; your personal Visa debit card powered by your crypto wallet

Savannah Lee

Cryptocurrency – and the underlying technology which powers it – continues to shake things up for traditional finance. In step with these innovations, we’re launching an entirely new system that links a personal Visa debit card, the Eidoo Card, to your decentralized Eidoo wallet. 

Open finance and the economy of cryptocurrency will never be the same. 

Driving the evolution of finance

Digital currencies based on distributed ledger or blockchain infrastructure have already attracted users for their fast and cost effective settlements. In one case, $468 million worth of bitcoin was transferred for a “fee” of less than $400! Using TransferWise, the popular cross-border payments platform, it would have cost $1,684,800 to send that same amount!

Over the past few years, reports by globally recognised institutions and organisations have all predicted the global impact of the technology; it “threatens to disrupt many industries”, could unlock a $10 trillion market, and even account for as much as 10% of global Gross Domestic Product by 2025.

Backed by a transparent, inclusive and immutable system, blockchain-based currencies can be a remedy for many of the flaws built into our current centralized systems. Decentralized blockchain systems shift trust from people to software, meaning they are less vulnerable to human error or greed.

Yet despite the benefits which digital currencies and DeFi can bring – such as financial autonomy, or helping unbanked people around the world participate in the global economy – cryptocurrency holders still struggle to find practical ways to spend their coins and tokens day to day.

Here at Eidoo, we want the value of cryptocurrencies to transcend beyond the online realm so they spread into the real world. That’s why we’re creating simple tools and products which give access to this new digital economy. 

Enter Eidoo Card

The Eidoo Card is powered by the global Visa network, so you can spend online or at over 40 million locations worldwide!

Simply pre-order the Eidoo Card via your Eidoo wallet and it will automatically be linked to your account. You’ll be able to easily convert your Bitcoin and Ether into British Pounds or Euros, and load them onto the card directly in-app to start spending straight away. 

This real-time experience means you can avoid the hassle of interacting with centralized exchanges or wire transfers to use your crypto in the real world. Rather, you can use your card online or in store, or even withdraw your funds from ATMs, with just a few taps of your Eidoo app. 

Eidoo Cards will initially be available for all our UK and EU based users who have passed our Know-Your-Customer process. If you have already set up your eidooID in your wallet, you can request a new card with no additional verification.  

Are there different account levels? 

Eidoo Card offers three types of accounts; Basic, VIP, and Black (metal). 

To pre-order a Basic card, Eidoo wallet users are required to burn some tokens. For VIP and Black cards, users stake a certain amount of PNT, which means you lock up your tokens as collateral. By staking and participating in our pre-order program, you will get access to some early-bird rewards and benefits.

Each account also has its own unique benefits and crypto cashback reward, allowing cardholders to earn up to 10% of the total purchase amount per transaction. 

Card holders are guaranteed to receive the maximum achievable crypto cash back if they pre-order their card. The cashback rate falls to half when ordered post-launch. All tokens earned through the crypto cashback scheme are always unlocked, so you can withdraw these anytime you like. 

The staking process is simple and you can easily buy PNT directly in-app if you need some.

• Burn 100 PNT
No annual, ATM or purchase fees
• Double your crypto cashback when pre-ordered
• Earn between 0.5% – 2.5%
• Stake PNT to increase your cashback % and unlock account upgrades

• Stake 25,000 PNT, unlocks after one year
No annual, ATM or purchase fees
• Double your crypto cashback when pre-ordered
• Earn between 2.5% – 6.5%
• Stake more PNT to increase your cashback % and unlock account upgrades

• Stake 200,000 PNT, unlocks after one year
No annual, ATM or purchase fees
• Double your crypto cashback when pre-ordered
• Earn between 6.5% – 10%
• Stake more PNT to increase your cashback % 

When cards are ordered post-launch, card holders will earn the following cashback rates: Basic 0% – 1.5% // VIP 1.5% – 3.25% // Black 3.25% – 5%


What other benefits can I get from the eidoo card?


A highly curated rewards program for our VIP and Black cardholders 

  • VIP – Our VIP card unlocks rewards like airport lounge access, flight and hotel gift cards and Netflix for when you need to unwind. You also get a discount on eidooSWAP fees, and link Google Pay or Samsung Pay to your card!
  • BLACK – For those seeking an unparalleled, highly-curated card reward experience, our metal card invites you to stream, read and travel in style. Enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, plus extra vouchers for hotels and transport, and exclusive private jet programs (coming soon). More incredible reward programs and benefits are continuously being added.

Learn more. 

An eidooSWAP discount

• VIP holders receive a 50% discount on eidooSWAP fees for 6 months when a card is pre-ordered; 25% if ordered post-launch.
• Black card holders will receive fee-free eidooSWAP for 1 year when pre-ordered, and a 50% discount on eidooSWAP fees when ordered post-launch.

And a unique referral program

Introduce the Eidoo Card to others and enjoy the following benefits:

• Refer 5 Basic cards and receive a Basic card (no burning required)
Refer 3 VIP cards and receive a VIP card (no staking required)
Refer 10 VIP card and receive a Black card (no staking required)
Refer 3 Black cards and receive a Black card (no staking required) 

What’s Next?

DeFi is an opportunity to build a new economic system from the inside out, ensuring that people all around the world – from unbanked groups to dissatisfied digital natives – have equal and fair access to financial opportunities. 

We can start here, today, by putting products and tools in your hands that make it as easy as possible to participate in this new system.

Pre-order your card by staking here

Terms Of Service: Staking and burning carry certain risks. Please review our TOS  for detailed explanation of these.

Savannah Lee

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