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The EDO token is being upgraded!

Update: June 19, 2020: The transition to the pNetwork Token (PNT) is now complete. The EDO token is no longer in use – its value and utility have been transferred

Top Questions from our Eidoo AMA

Last week the Eidoo community joined us in our Telegram channel for a live AMA with CEO Thomas Bertani. Given the excitement surrounding Eidoo Card, the personal Visa debit card

#LevelUpYourDeFi with the VISA debit card by Eidoo

To celebrate the announcement of our VISA-powered debit card,

Eidoo is giving away 


Eidoo Card is the VISA debit card that lets you instantly convert your digital currencies into fiat to use in restaurants, stores, or withdraw from ATMs. 

Cardholders can earn up to 10% crypto cashback on their purchases and each account level comes with its own perks and rewards!

Ten (10) Prize Winners will receive an Eidoo Card account upgrade:

Five winners without existing card accounts will be upgraded to BASIC.

Four winners with existing BASIC card accounts will be upgraded to VIP.

                  One lucky winner with an existing VIP account will be upgraded to BLACK.

Hurry up and pre-order – you may win the chance to Level Up!


Level Up Your DeFi with the VISA Debit Card by Eidoo

You can participate in the competition by visiting our official Gleam Page. 

Don’t forget to read the rules (below) and meet the requirements.


Join the Eidoo AMA!

Want to know everything there is to know about crypto cards and the DeFi Universe?    Join our LIVE AMA this Wednesday, 27th May at 19:00 CET. Drop us your

Enter the Eidoo Card Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners of the Eidoo Card Giveaway! This competition has ended, but more are on the way! Please view the winning entries below. 

To celebrate our latest #DeFiDelivery, Eidoo is giving away 14 Eidoo Cards in 14 days! 

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive an Eidoo Black Card Account

Staking requirements of 200,000 EDO WAIVED

Three (3) Second Place Winners will receive an Eidoo VIP Card Account

Staking requirements of 25,000 EDO WAIVED

Ten (10) Third Place Winners will receive an Eidoo Basic Card Account

Burning requirements of 100 EDO WAIVED



the Eidoo Card Giveaway


Don’t forget to make sure you read the rules (below) and meet the requirements. 


Fast Private Jet is now onboard the Eidoo Black Card rewards program

We’re bringing a world-class travel experience to the Eidoo Card rewards program! Today we announce our exclusive rewards partnership with Fast Private Jet, a private charter company who operate in

Discover Eidoo Card perks & rewards

The Eidoo Card launched just months ago, yet over 3 million PNT has already been staked by crypto users claiming their cards. Now it’s time to level up your DeFi

Introducing the Eidoo Referral Programs; PNT for you, ETH for a friend!

Earn crypto or a free Eidoo Card WHen you introduce your friends to the Eidoo universe. Read on, and then refer on…   Over the past few years, Eidoo has

Meet Eidoo’s Instant Fiat On-Ramp and Crypto Cash Out

Three months ago, Eidoo was one of the first wallets to integrate an Instant SEPA on-ramp allowing European users to purchase digital assets within minutes. This new path from cash