Eidoo is your gateway to the exciting new world of decentralised finance. An app designed for both your mobile and desktop devices, it’s the easiest and most secure way to explore the entire DeFi ecosystem. 

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Eidoo: our hybrid exchange is officially on the app

Eidoo Sagl is proud to announce the release of the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange directly on the Eidoo app, available for iOS, Android and Desktop. Download the app for your mobile:

Eidoo announces restyling, fiat counter value, fingerprint unlock and more

Today we want to share a big news that Eidoo has for you for the near future. As we promised many times in our Telegram chat, we are going to

Eidoo Bitcoin Wallet now available on iOS

We are very happy to announce that today, August 6th, we have launched the Eidoo Bitcoin Wallet on the latest version of the iOS app. The interface and the user

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Welcome to the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange

One of the core features of Eidoo is its very own Decentralized Exchange, a long-awaited next generation exchange based on Ethereum, which enables users to trade securely while staying in

Eidoo Bitcoin Wallet: now online in beta version

We are very happy to announce that today, June 8th, we have launched the Eidoo Bitcoin Wallet. The interface and the user-experience are the same of the Ethereum wallet you

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Eidoo app hit 400k downloads: more opportunity for ICOEngine

Today our Eidoo app hits 400,000 downloads worldwide. We are very grateful for the support we are receiving from you all, but this is just one of the several steps

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Eidoo Windows app is now available for free

The Eidoo Windows app is now available for free on our official website. This means you can now use your Eidoo wallet on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux too.