LKSCOIN is a cryptocurrency aimed to those who create and publish online content. It allows them to have/give access to any type of digital content on any platform, keeping copyrights safe and defining the authorship of the work.

How to register on Cam.TV and use LKSCOIN

Stefania Stimolo

Joining Cam.TV is a very simple and fast process, which allows users to join the revolutionary knowledge-sharing community.

In addition, thanks to the affiliate program and the integration of the LKSCOIN crypto, every camer will be able to carry out their activity while earning money.

The registration procedure on Cam.TV and the first 100 LKSCOIN

Like any platform, upon entering the Cam.TV website homepage, it will be possible to start the registration process by creating an account using already created accounts on other platforms (Facebook, Google+, Amazon, Twitter and LinkedIn), or by entering an email address.

Cam.TV then requires the user to fill in the registration form with data (Name, Surname, Email) and to create a password.

Once the form has been submitted, Cam.TV will send the user an email containing the verification link and a second welcome email containing the list of the next steps to be taken, the sponsor code and the affiliation link.

Upon re-entering Cam.TV, the user will access their personal channel where they will be asked to certify their profile. The user will then have to fill in another form and proceed with the verification of the mobile number provided by entering a code sent via SMS.

From this moment, the user is finally a camer, as well as owner of the first 100 LKSCOIN, 50 LKS credited during registration and 50 LKS during certification.

The camer can now enjoy the services and benefits that the Cam.TV knowledge-sharing community offers.

Cam.TV and the affiliate program

As for any self-respecting community, word of mouth is a vital activity, to the extent that Cam.TV has chosen to implement a reward system for each camer via the affiliate program.

In essence, through their affiliate link, each Cam.TV user has the ability to build their own social network of affiliates in three simple ways:

  1. by inviting friends, acquaintances and customers to visit their Cam.TV channel by forwarding their affiliate link;
  2. sharing the activities that take place on Cam.TV in other social networks by clicking on the “share” symbol from their Cam.TV channel;
  3. publishing the Cam.TV banner on their website.

Not only that, but each camer will also be able to arrange commercial actions through Cam.TV tools with their social affiliates and obtain from their certified registrations a bonus of 25 LKSCOIN.

In addition, in honour of the LKSCOIN IEO active until 27th May 2020, in conjunction with the affiliate program, there is also the possibility to participate in the LKSCOIN treasure hunt and receive extra bonuses.

This is a basic bonus equal to 5% on LKSCOIN purchases made by affiliates (regardless of the number) to which 2% extra bonus is added on the first 5 affiliates, or 4% if the purchasing affiliates are between 5 and 10 and, finally, a +6% if the affiliates are more than 10 users.

Stefania Stimolo