LKSCOIN is a cryptocurrency aimed to those who create and publish online content. It allows them to have/give access to any type of digital content on any platform, keeping copyrights safe and defining the authorship of the work.

LKSCOIN: the business-oriented crypto for social networks

Stefania Stimolo

The integration of LKSCOIN facilitates crypto payments on social networks for digital content created and shared by users.

LKSCOIN presents itself to the market as a business-oriented crypto, offering social networks the ability to process payments within the platform, significantly reducing times and costs.

What’s more, the integration of LKSCOIN within platforms for user-generated and shared digital content offers several features that are far more advantageous than fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies, especially for micropayments.

Thanks to its dual nature using the LKS Chain and the Ethereum blockchain, the LKSCOIN crypto is easy to integrate into any social network.

Social Network and LKSCOIN: the advantages of a winning partnership

A social platform equipped with LKSCOIN will benefit from unique advantages, which is why the innovative features make the partnership between a digital content platform and LKSCOIN a winning one.

When confronted with fiat currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, etc.), the integration of LKSCOIN enables a social network to:

  • Bypass all the problems related to obtaining the various licenses, such as the one called e-money, necessary to manage a deposit account for third parties within a platform;
  • Completely reduce transaction fees related to the use of cards and other providers (Paypal, Stripe, etc.) which make microtransactions uneconomical, increasing costs by up to 100%;
  • Keep transactions public by guaranteeing transparency and immutability of data thanks to the blockchain.

Not only that, compared to other cryptocurrencies, LKSCOIN allows you to:

  • Minimize transaction fees related to the use of the main cryptocurrencies (tending to 1%), especially for micropayments worth 0.1 euro.
  • Completely eliminate the costs and risks of creating a private blockchain, as well as all the other problems related to the creation of a proprietary token in terms of taxation, legislation and IT security, so as not to interfere with the dynamics of adoption and use.

The virtuous logic behind a Social Network with integrated LKSCOIN

From an operational point of view, LKSCOIN and social networks that integrate it, provide additional functions of virtuous logic. Thanks to its use, it will be possible to provide a tool able to bring out the quality and value of digital content and of those who create it.

In essence, a platform featuring LKSCOIN makes it possible to track the dynamics of authorship of content, its sharing and review, as well as the appreciation and comments on it.

In particular, it is a tracking of the token flow generated by the underlying monetary transactions that make it difficult to modify the supply chain.

Not only that, thanks to LKSCOIN the recognition of the contributions made by users to other colleagues will be visible, as well as the improvement of the content itself, all thanks to this transparent incentive system.

Indeed, if the users’ reward is evident, there will be a growing tendency to produce more refined and in-depth content, thus leading to a qualitative increase in the overall level of the platform able to attract new users.

Last but not least, another virtuous feature is reflected in the awareness given back to users on how they use their social channel, which is possible thanks to the possibility to easily monitor their behaviour through their money flows.

Stefania Stimolo