LKSCOIN is a cryptocurrency aimed to those who create and publish online content. It allows them to have/give access to any type of digital content on any platform, keeping copyrights safe and defining the authorship of the work.

LKSCOIN Treasure Hunt: how to get the extra bonuses

Stefania Stimolo

LKSCOIN, thanks to LKSCOIN’s IEO campaign on the Eidoo crypto-exchange, is launching its treasure hunt on Cam.TV, the social network which has integrated LKSCOIN, giving users the chance to receive extra bonuses.

Here is a brief description of LKSCOIN, the crypto for digital content, and all the information on how to participate in the reward programme on Cam.TV.

The LKSCOIN project and the mission to innovate social networks

Participating in the LKSCOIN project, through the purchase of LKSCOIN, involves taking part in a completely revolutionary mission, capable of innovating the current state of social networks with a focus on digital content, its creators and how it is shared.

Thanks to its inclusion on the Cam.TV social network, LKSCOIN is a crypto that allows crypto-social users to transform likes into currency, earning and transmitting value both in terms of tangible value and reputation.

Not only that, the LKSCOIN tokens received in the e-wallet within the platform can also be transferred externally to a proprietary e-wallet, or directly withdrawn or spent in daily life using fiat currencies, thanks to the use of crypto cards.

From a technological point of view, the LKSCOIN project has succeeded in combining the use of the Blockchain while preserving its principles of transparency, security and trustlessness by creating LKSCOIN as a payment token with a dual nature.

In fact, besides LKSCOIN being scalable, fast in transactions and with low fees, through smart contracts it is also possible to adapt it to different market needs, such as the ones surrounding digital content, which is definitely growing.

Overall, LKSCOIN, besides being a fast, cheap and advantageous system, is also useful as it encourages and incentivises the sharing of quality, well-kept, truthful content, and thus stimulates the birth of new interaction networks.

The treasure hunt: offering extra bonuses through the affiliate program

Already active on the Cam.TV platform, the LKSCOIN treasure hunt includes an extra bonus dedicated to all lovers of online word of mouth through an affiliate program.

Since the start of the IEO campaign on Eidoo and until May 27th, Cam.TV users are already eligible for a 5% LKS bonus on their purchases.

Thanks to the affiliate program, it is possible to access other benefits, calculated on the LKS purchases made by their affiliates.

Affiliates are all those users who purchase LKSCOIN on Eidoo through an invitation referral link that includes an identification code of the user who invited them.

When invited users click on the referral link they become affiliates of the sponsoring user and can purchase LKSCOIN benefiting from a first 5% bonus on their purchases.

For all user-sponsors (those who share their referral link with other users who then purchase LKSCOIN) there is also the possibility to get a 5% bonus on their affiliates’ purchases.

Not only that, besides this 5% on the purchases of affiliates (regardless of the number of affiliates), the treasure hunt features extra bonuses. This is how the program is structured:

  • extra bonus of 2% on the purchases of the first 5 affiliates: if there are 5 invited users who purchase, the user-sponsors will have a total bonus of 7% on all purchases of their user-affiliates.
  • extra 4% bonus on the purchases of affiliates, if they are between 5 and 10 users (for example 8 affiliates): when reaching 10 invited users who buy, the user-sponsors will have a total bonus of 9% on all purchases of their user-affiliates.
  • extra 6% bonus on the purchases of affiliates, if these exceed 10 users: when reaching more than 10 invited users who buy, user-sponsors will have a total bonus of 11% on all purchases of their user-affiliates.

The affiliate programme is, in general, a widely used method on the web to reward online word-of-mouth. Through the use of their referral link and sharing with their contacts, each user can create their own network of affiliates.

The payment of the extra-bonuses will be made directly on the Cam.TV platform at the end of the IEO campaign (May 27th, 2020) with the possibility to keep the balance updated weekly, directly on the platform.

Stefania Stimolo