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Blockchain marketing. the importance of link building

A few weeks ago The Cryptonomist was mentioned on SEMRush in an article about the 10 best Telegram chats and so we thought to write a blog post to talk about the importance of link building in marketing.

To improve the level of credibility of for Google of a website, blog or online magazine, it is necessary to have an excellent SEO, as part of the strategy to achieve this is to use link building.

Various steps can be followed to obtain links, though this article will focus on three of them:

  • Buying links from reputable websites;
  • Doing PR;
  • Distributing interesting material such as infographics and research.

The first point is obviously the easiest, but it requires a big budget and a constant investment of money, given that link building activities are continuous over time and do not stop. SEO, in fact, is something that is built over time: other competitors will try to position themselves with keywords before everyone else, so it is important to keep track of everything and keep improving.

For this reason, the first point is not enough and it is better to consider the other two strategies as well.

As far as PR is concerned, it means distributing press releases related to the company, mentioning its partnerships, events organized; objectives achieved and so on.

Distributing it obviously requires a good number of contacts in the world of online journalism, so that newspapers talk about it and keep a link to the website when they decide to republish the news. The more newspapers are read the better. For example, in this case, it is possible to contact a PR agency.

Linked to this initiative, and often even more effective, is to share interesting material such as exclusive research and infographics: for example, a crypto company could conduct research on its user base to understand what kind of people are using its services; or if the Coronavirus – since it is the topic of the moment – is increasing the number of visitors to the website.

When talking a company in terms of its utility there is certainly more chance of arousing the interest of magazines and word-of-mouth.

E.g. it’s more interesting to read a headline like “Interest in crypto increases at the time of Coronavirus” rather than “Company XY reaches X users”, especially if the company is not well known.

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Amelia Tomasicchio

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