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Crypto marketing: a guide for writing PRs

If you are in the business of developing and delivering a PR marketing campaign for a crypto project, you have a tall order indeed.

The digital world of content and content marketing is an absolute ocean. In fact, when interested parties decide that they want to explore what’s “out there,” they conduct searches to get information. In the world of crypto, the ocean is growing daily.

First of all, you need to understand that digital PR marketing campaigns, especially in the world of crypto, are highly competitive. New crypto projects happen every day, and the only way they grow and become profitable is when they can launch and sustain a PR marketing campaign that will attract investors.

Your job is to stand out in this ocean of PR content. So, exactly how do you do this? First of all, you already know that you must have goals for any PR campaign. In the case of your project, you may have more than one.

You want awareness, of course; you want potential investors to take notice and initiate discussions with you; and, ultimately, you want investors. The other initial activity is to identify your target audience and to learn where they spend their time online, so that you can be where they are.

Beyond the goal and the audience identification, you will then develop PR strategies that will promote your project and bring in those interested parties. Here are some strategies that you need to consider.

Craft the Best Website Ever Imagined

Every crypto project has a website. Without one, you will not be taken seriously, no matter how great your ICO whitepaper may be. Investors want to see a stunning website, fashioned by a designer who knows how to do it right. Are there other great websites out there? Yes, of course. If you hire a designer/developer, make sure that they research the other crypto websites and use their creativity to be more stunning. This will cost you. Top of the line web designers do not come cheap.

Build an Email List from the Beginning

Through your website and through your blog, and through every other place where you have a presence, you want to gather email addresses. While you may have visitors who have only a passing investment interest right now, you will want to keep in touch with anyone and everyone. You can present them with more information, can keep them apprised of progress, and do those things that will pique their interest and cause them to take a second look.

While many say that email is “dead,” in fact, research shows that the return on investment from email is still the highest of all marketing efforts. Neighthan White, blogger and PR writer for Supreme Dissertations says this about the power of email lists: “Our goal is to capture an email address from every visitor to our site, and we use every incentive possible to do that. Our email campaigns give us the biggest ROI of all of our marketing and PR efforts.”

Use Social Media Marketing

ICO’s need a heavy presence on social media if they are to gain recognition. At least Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be used. It will take a while to gain following, but what do you have to lose? You are in this for the long haul, and building a following slowly and steadily is a good thing.

Over time, you will be able to post about your progress, start discussions, and generate interest. You can even offer free tokens in exchange for shares. Over time, interest may turn into investment.

Do not forget LinkedIn. Here is the place for networking and using tools such as Linked Helper which will automate a process for reaching out. Those who are connected to this tool are used to receiving messages from strangers and they are apt to read them. If you can craft an engaging and compelling message, you may gin up some interest on the part of potential investors or influencers who will want to take a closer look.

Steemit is yet another platform that can prove valuable. If you are not familiar with Steemit, it is a blogging and social media site that is blockchain based. It gives out the cryptocurrency STEEM to those who publish articles. You may not be interested in earning STEEM, but the people who frequent this platform are all interested in cryptos – you have a very targeted audience.

Targeted Press Releases and Media Outreach

There are some digital news outlets that have crypto as one of their focuses. Concentrate on getting news items to these outlets, because their audience is the same as yours. If you don’t have the expertise to write compelling press releases, then get some help from writing services such as Trust My Paper or Classy Essay, both of which have a staff of journalists, or any number of freelance journalists on sites such as Upwork. Press releases involve specific formats and creativity, so get an expert to craft them.

Make Use of Airdrops

Here’s a way to stimulate some interest. Just as planes dropped supplies to troops in wartime, drop some tokens into some people’s wallets randomly. Recipients will want to know more about you and may access your website, which, of course, is amazing.

Create Podcasts

Successful podcasts involve two elements – an amazing script and marketing the podcast so as to garner a large audience. Use all of your other platforms to announce the launch of your podcast, even paid advertising, and be certain that it can be accessed long after the initial broadcast. As compelling as your script must be, it also must be an educational piece, complete with enthusiasm and your plan for ultimate success. Once you have established a following, continue with additional podcasts as you have news to report

Speaking of Paid Advertising

Again, you will need to be creative if you intend to gain attention – videos are always engaging, as are banners with creative slogans or enticements. Start with Facebook and Instagram and analyze their effectiveness. If you create videos you can always put them on YouTube as well and drive people to them through your social media platforms and your website. One good thing about Facebook and Instagram is that you can identify and designate specific groups to which they will appear.

Find crypto influencers

This will take time, but time that is well worth the effort. If you can find one or two influencers with the crypto world, chances are they have a strong following – a following that is certainly a large part of your target audience.

Your goal is not to get these influencers to “plug” your project. Your goal is to get them to agree to an interview. You can publicize the interview, and you can bet that they will as well. In terms of a topic for an interview, let the influencer make that choice. Being “linked” to an influencer or two will give a significant boost to your credibility.

Attend Physical and Digital Conferences

You want to connect with as many cryptocurrency “movers and shakers” as possible. You do this by getting yourself out into this community as much and as often as possible. Not only will you pick up on PR strategies that others are using successfully, but you will also get your project “out there” in your target public’s eyes.

These nine guidelines for a PR campaign are basic and they are also actionable right now. As well, all of them are long-term, activities that will continue to build growth and success. Every one of them should be in your toolbox.

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