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7 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Content Writer

Online marketing depends heavily on the quality of the content, so hire an impeccable content writer because it is essential to the success and virality of a brand.

From sentence structure and syntax to appropriate vocabulary and excellent grammar, a content writer should have everything that makes the content reader-friendly.

Investing big bucks in getting the content written will be of no use if there are no readers. Whether you are hiring a writer for SEO blogs or social media content, you should have sound knowledge to judge the best candidate.

Let us learn what factors are essential to consider when hiring a content writer:


Content writer Skills 


Many firms make a big mistake by asking for samples from potential candidates. Though writing samples may give you some idea about the writer, getting a test task done is the right approach. It is because a test task will cover the points related to your industry.

A tech-savvy writer may give terrible results in writing for household products. Therefore, design an appropriate trial task for judging the skills. For instance, if you are looking to hire a content writer for a carpet cleaning blog, give topics like quick hacks to remove stains from carpets, how to remove pet hair from carpets, easy cleaning tips for home carpets, etc.

Once you get the task done, evaluate the grammar, sentence flow, vocabulary, and tone.  You can also use apps like Read-Able and Hemingway for checking the readability score.




Some writers may be good at writing content but do not have enough experience. If you are hiring a writer for a big project and have enough budget, go for a highly-experienced content writer. You can evaluate a writer’s experience with the following points:


  • Past Projects 


Every other writer can tell you that they have 6-7 years of experience. However, check their knowledge for yourself after analyzing their past projects. Ask them for samples of each project. Also, ask for the links to their published work.


  • Former Clients 


Similarly, see how many former clients does a writer has. If a writer is a freelancer, ask for a freelancing profile link of various websites like Upwork, Freelancer, etc. If a writer is employed full-time in any company, ask for the details, and double-check the clients before proceeding.


  • Questions 


Give enough time to the candidate to ask questions. Notice what questions they are asking – an experienced writer will inquire about the project time, workload, nature of work, etc.


Interest and Enthusiasm 


Always go for a writer having an interest in your industry. A sportswriter may produce content for your fashion blog but will never be able to produce good content in the long run. Hiring someone with an immense interest in styling and fashion will give you commendable results because the writer will never get bored in writing for the same niche.

Have a detailed discussion with the candidate about your industry. Evaluate the knowledge and see if the writer will enjoy working for your blog or not. This is the reason why many employers looking for tech writers mention “writers having experience in tech-related products can apply.”




Price determines the quality of the content. However, you cannot trust blindly on every other writer and end up with no readers. Once you have determined the experience and expertise of a writer, expect to pay a high price to well-experienced writers.

Good copywriters usually demand $50-$200/hour for regular blog posts. The rates may even be high for urgent tasks or the ones with extra requirements. Websites can cost you up to $5000. You can also find newbies with lower rates. But, be prepared to get diminished quality.




Time is an essential factor when considering a writer. Different writers work at a different pace. The delivery time also depends upon the topic, research, and other requirements of the content. Be sure to mention every requirement before asking the delivery time from the writer. Create a schedule for monthly blog posts and email them to the writer.

See if the writer can complete the tasks within your time frame. Also, notice if the potential writer is ready to do revisions and urgent tasks. Revisions can come at any time and are almost always required urgently. It’s always preferable to select the one who can submit revisions on time without impacting routine tasks.


Revision Policy 


Always discuss your revision policy with the writers in detail. Highly experienced industry professionals will always charge for the changes not mentioned in the requirements before assigning. Commonly, revisions are free. Any mistakes from the writer’s end need to be corrected immediately without any charges. Some companies even make deductions for the revisions.




Always give prime importance to a writer’s portfolio. Check how much variety a writer is displaying in a portfolio. Also, notice the approach to cater to single or multiple audiences. See how deep the research is and if every statistic is referenced or not. Also, ask for the social media profile links. The “About Me” section on social sites tells you much about a generic writing style.

A detailed portfolio will give you enough idea if the writer can write in the desired writing style. Consider portfolios as one way of judgment but do not take it as your sole decision approach. It is because the writing industry is not free from scammers. Writers can provide you professionally written portfolios, but when it comes to the main project, they end up giving you below-average content.

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