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Tech Marketing: challenges and how to overcome them

Tech marketing face different challenges in today’s media-heavy environment. Although most of them share common goals, some may be unable to engage the right staff, while others may face challenges in identifying the right technology to adopt.

Whichever challenge a marketer may face, the good news is that steps can be taken to improve the situation. As a tech marketer, you need to be aware of such challenges and how you can effectively fix them to achieve the desired goals.

Traffic generation

Tech marketers are struggling to produce creative content that can generate traffic and convert. This challenge can become more persistent as a result of increased competition where every organization strives to attain a market share. There are many platforms where marketers can publish their content and many ways of promoting it. This makes it difficult for them to determine where they need to put more effort.

While creating content, tech marketers should address the quality of the content and the needs of the target audience. This may start by finding out the format of the content consumers are interested in, whether video or blog posts. You can adopt AR/VR in marketing (Augmented reality/virtual reality) to allow your customers to have unique experiences while interacting with your brand.

AR/VR can effectively facilitate traffic generation, sales promotion, and enhanced brand value. Some of the AR/VR strategies that you can use include AR virtual marketing, virtual assistance, and AR/VR brand.

Website management

A website is an asset that allows your customers to connect virtually with your brand before making a buying decision. Many tech marketers lack the skills and expertise to effectively manage their websites. This challenge is, however, not as threatening as in the case of identifying the right technologies.

The essay writers in the business domain suggest that if you are facing a challenge in managing your website due to inadequate skills and resources, you can hire freelance website developers and agency partners. Find freelancers by tapping into social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

You can also simplify website management by hosting it on a platform that integrates marketing channels. For in-house projects, website management e-books and online courses can guide your team in development and some marketing aspects.

Content creation for an international audience

With many organizations expanding globally, tech marketers should have an international strategy. Marketers are finding it difficult to develop ways to target an international audience and organize the website to suit different countries. This can be triggered by fluctuations in exchange rates.

You can access online e-books for professional tips on how to participate in global marketing. Learn how to identify the leading growth markets and how to explore the local trends that can influence international markets.

If you want to target a new region, you can shift your product offering. Your website visitors might speak different languages or live in different time zones. To ensure that the content is appealing, keep your global audience in mind by engaging in website translation or being aware of seasonal references.

Team training challenges

With technological evolution, training teams can become a great challenge for tech marketers. Marketers find it difficult to train teams on new tools and concepts they need to achieve their full potential.

To overcome this challenge, identify each of your team members’ level of expertise, strengths and weaknesses, and commitment to your company. Then rate the priority of their contribution and level of expertise in line with the company’s objectives of achieving a return on investment. This can help you to determine the people who need coaching or recognition.

You can also advise your team members to pursue short marketing certification courses to enable them to master marketing basics. Some companies that provide online marketing certification include Analytics Academy and Hubspot Academy.

Creating Account-based marketing strategy (ABM)

ABM is a growth strategy that allows for marketing and sales collaboration to create a customized buying experience for a set of accounts. The common challenge is on how to deliver a personalized experience. The software focused on ABM is limited, forcing many companies to adopt manual-based approaches.

To deliver a personalized experience, use software that can enable you to integrate sales with marketing information. ABM software offers collaborative and intuitive tools to enable you to achieve this. The software can facilitate collaboration among teams and customize the content accordingly. An account-level targeting is added to LinkedIn ads integration, allowing you to target companies based on account status or tier. The ABM can help you to create authentic connections with stakeholders in each account.


Content marketing is getting harder but it remains an effective way to grow your business by targeting local and international audiences. Marketers are driven by the desire to reach out to customers and influence them to buy. An analysis of marketing strategies and their respective performance can help you to identify challenges and fix them. This can allow you to pay more attention to the areas that need improvement so that you can achieve your marketing goals.

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