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tech marketing

Tech Marketing: challenges and how to overcome them

Tech marketing face different challenges in today’s media-heavy environment. Although most of them share common goals, some may be unable to engage the right staff, while others may face challenges

hire content writer

7 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Content Writer

Online marketing depends heavily on the quality of the content, so hire an impeccable content writer because it is essential to the success and virality of a brand. From sentence

augmented reality marketing

Marketing improves with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been trending in recent years and it would seem that it can also be used to improve marketing campaigns. It doesn’t matter what type of product or

crypto marketing

Crypto marketing: a guide for writing PRs

If you are in the business of developing and delivering a PR marketing campaign for a crypto project, you have a tall order indeed. The digital world of content and

bitcoin wordpress themes

7 Powerful Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Here we listed seven leading cryptocurrency WordPress themes to incorporate in your blog about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have thrived fairly over the years. However, following recent events,

hot tips seo

7 hot Tips for SEO

With the new Google`s May core update, Search Engine Optimization is getting harder so we decided to write a list of the most important hot tips to improve your SEO.


Which SEO tools to use for your content marketing

Are you using all the SEO tools at your disposal, but nothing seems to be working effectively for your marketing? Do you know that if used correctly, your email marketing

whatsapp marketing 2020

5 ways to start WhatsApp marketing in 2020

WhatsApp, which was once used just for messaging purposes, is now used by the many marketers in 2020 for their marketing campaigns. WhatsApp has now become one of the most

content marketing link building

Content Marketing vs Link Building

When the content and pages that they provide are optimized with good content and link building, this results in more leads for marketing and a much stronger brand. The question



During this particular period when the offline world seems to have stopped because of the Coronavirus, the online world seems to have quadrupled its speed, resulting in the inevitable and