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TokenPay team attacks BCH, but Roger Ver doesn’t respond

The project that aspires to become a payment crypto accuses the famous bitcoin fork of being slow and expensive. The provocation, however, has been ignored

Buterin announces Ethereum Casper novelties

The creator of Ethereum starts a tweetstorm to give an update on the project, but be wary of scams. Knowing math helps.

Bitfinex, “We are in discussions to relocate to Switzerland”

Exclusive interview with CEO JL van der Velde about the future of Tether, Nectar token, and his idea of crypto-regulation

Fomo3D, the prize keeps growing

.The winner is the one who stays in the race last, facing psychological pressures and greed from others. Each ticket costs 2 dollars

Crypto robbery using SIM cards

The old method for stealing SIM cards reinvented by Joel Oritz to steal bitcoin

Crypto expert Andrew Peel hired by Morgan Stanley

Andrew Peel, formerly Credit Suisse, is the new head of the sector. He knows his stuff when it comes to cryptocurrencies

Jimmy Wales: “No Wikipedia token or ICO”

The founder of the online encyclopedia denies any rumour about a future token sale: "We are not interested".

The Crypto Influencer Tone Vays attacks tokenpay

The well-known crypto influencer attacks the token and Litecoin and receives a straight response

Coinbase CTO: 60x increase in crypto adoption

Balaji S. Srinivasan compared cryptocurrency usage with the smartphone one, stating that it is just getting started and we should still expect a massive growth

Ronaldinho launches RSC Project and his crypto

RSC Project is a project of World Soccer Coin to which the ex-footballer lends his face. The ICO is supposed to be July 15th, but to date there is still no whitepaper

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