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The altcoin season is coming, word of Tom Lee and John McAfee

Once Bitcoin's crazy run settles down, chances are the altcoins will rise sharply

Bitcoin mining: record-breaking hashrate and ASIC demand tripled

Demand tripled like in the second half of 2017

Why the price of bitcoin is rising

A hypothesis that is gaining attention involves the Fed and the bet that next month it will already cut interest rates to stimulate inflation.

Libra vs Bitcoin: the Director of the Facebook project has his say

The hypothesis that the coin would be in opposition to BTC has been refuted

Bitcoin: new ATH for hashrate and record of active addresses

Lots of positive news in the crypto world as Bitcoin sets new records

Litecoin, price on the rise: +10%

LTC stands out in a substantially unchanged crypto market

Litecoin analysis: LTC rises by 10%

More than 80% of cryptocurrencies are in positive territory, with some double-digit increases. The day tries to limit the damage of the first negative week after three months of rises

Bitmain: new ASIC for Litecoin mining coming soon

The performance has more than doubled compared to its predecessor Antminer L3+

Andy Cheung: 20K bitcoin prediction is conservative

New institutional investors and the future halving of 2020 will influence the price increase a 6567% return for investors

The company that developed EOSIO is proposing a 10% buyback of its shares

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