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Circle platform adds 4 new cryptocurrencies

The process of expanding the platform's services continues and it seems they aim to become a direct competitor of Coinbase

ETHLend Announces Launch of New Parent Company ‘Aave’

Aave Offers Ambient Accounts, Lending Software, Custody and Clearing Services, Blockchain-Based Games, and Development Tools

Robinhood sells data to HFT companies

The information on the orders taking place on the application would have been sold to trading companies

An Amazon crypto will be the end of the world

The FutureSin newspaper launches a challenge: the next battlefield between Bezos and Zuckerberg will be the blockchain. Followed by the tokenisation of the economy

Binance sport investment: agreement with Chiliz

Binance sport investment: agreement between the exchange and ChiliZ, a Maltese platform that manages the voting rights of fans.

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