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Novogratz: “In 5-6 years the mass will invest in crypto”

According to the manager, many institutions are not ready to invest despite the increasing interest. It takes an effort from the regulators because they haven't been performing well so far

Deloitte meets dlt technologies

A report shows opportunities and threats from the use of blockchain technology, starting with accounting

Vitalik unveils his Cryptoeconomics vision

The cryptos are inaugurating a new economy, all based on the rules of programming. This and much more in the explanation of the ETH co-founder

Crypto-Trading: Stellar continues to shine

The bull's run slows down, justified by profit-taking

OKEx launches security token platform

The exchange of digital assets born thanks to the collaboration with the Malta Stock Exchange aims to become one of the leaders of the blockchain friendly ecosystem created on the island

For the first time, ETH fees exceed those of BTC

The Ethereum blockchain clogged by token transactions, and the Bitcoin lightened by SegWit and LN, overtake the average fees

No mining penalties in Russia

In the future regulations to be voted on by the Duma this autumn, there is so far no trace of special tax rules for crypto holders or for miners.

Malta, Binance decentralized exchange and regulated stocks

Neufund, Binance and the Malta Stock Exchange launch a project for a platform with "the stated goal of tokenizing traditional financial assets".

Hoskinson illustrates the scalability of Cardano

The famous founder explains how POS leads to overcoming limits in the number of transactions

In Geneva a crypto-event with SICOS and more

October 9, the Swiss city will host the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

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