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CoinKit: tipping with Binance Coin (BNB) on Slack, Telegram and Twitter

The platform adds Binance Coin to its portfolio

Ethereum price rises today

After suffering a strong bearish movement in the last week of June which however did not affect the rally of the month, July closes the first week with a positive sign

Shipple: the shitcoin that makes fun of Ripple

A cryptocurrency created as a joke by Corey Cottrell

The crypto market sees the prevalence of red today

The week is about to end with a majority of negative signs

Daily crypto trading volumes are decreasing

There has been a significant decline in trading since yesterday

Mining algorithms (Proof of Work): SHA-256, Scrypt, CryptoNight, Ethash and X11

The main mathematical systems to mine cryptocurrencies

Bitfinex: the price of bitcoin breaks resistance

After the midweek break, today's day starts again with a positive trend. 70% of the top 100 most capitalised cryptocurrencies are in positive territory

Ethereum: price benefits slightly from today’s news

The last day of April begins to end with an alternation of green and red signs with a slight prevalence above parity

Zucco talks about digital gold and silver: Bitcoin vs Litecoin

The founder of BlockchainLab continues to answer questions from users

Eidoo a charity campaign for Notre-Dame together with Helperbit and Aidcoin

The three crypto companies join forces for the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Paris

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