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Crypto trendline: Bitcoin’s power is growing but prices are falling

The past week full of good news was not enough to restore the confidence of investors who in the short term continue to be cautious with purchases

Technical Cicle: The bear is back in the game

August starts with the red sign for many cryptocurrencies. There are few green signs, including KuCoin and Stellar. Ripple is doing very well after the announcements, the market has definitely appreciated

Tron transactions: 80 times faster than Ethereum

Justin Sun points out 7 reasons for which he believes his creation is better than Vitalik's blockchain. More exchanges begin to support TRX's new mainnet

Voyager competing with the Robinhood exchange

The startup funded by Uber's co-founder announces a "zero commission" trading app. CEO Ehrlich: "open to retail and institutions".

Johnny Deep to play crypto billionaire Matthew Mellon

The actor was offered the role of the unfortunate crypto billionaire, who passed away last year after a lifetime of luxuries, business but also drug addiction

Crypto-Trading: Stellar continues to shine

The bull's run slows down, justified by profit-taking

“He’s trash”. The attack of ADA founder on Larimer

In a tweet, the founder of ADA launches insults and criticisms at one of the most successful developers in the blockchain environment. Which, however, does not answer

SBI Group launches a Japanese crypto exchange

Announced in June, SBI starts operations

US crypto exchange Coinbase winks at Altcoins

This morning and over the weekend the sentiment was overall positive, driven by the news of the likely listing of some crypto on the US exchange

Steven Cohen chooses cryptocurrencies

Palantir founder Stephen Cohen enters the virtual currency market through the hedge Autonomous Ventures

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