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North Korean exchange to manage small-scale crypto trading

The Pyongyang regime is said to be considering the creation of a digital currency, making use of its considerable military knowledge of blockchains

India, blockchain birth certificate is here

Important documents stored on the distribuited ledger.

Venezuela, Dash payments might be the solution

In recent days the cryptocurrency is performing particularly well in view of the situation in South America

Cryptocurrency rise: 70% of the market is green

A spicy beginning of the week for the entire sector

The best ICOs of the summer

ICObench published an updated report on the best and worst tokens sales of the summer

Telegram crypto groups are being censored

New bans were introduced on groups and channels dedicated to cryptocurrencies, both in China with Baidu, and on the main messaging app used in the sector.

WWF Now Accepting Donations on the Blockchain thanks to AidCoin

Welcoming the New Era of Transparent Giving

The crypto planet and the regulations in different countries

A small guide in order to understand the existing laws on Bitcoin, from both the economic and fiscal point of view

Bitjob, the job finder that pays in Student Coin

A platform from Israel, now in the Beta test phase, which combines supply and demand for small part-time jobs. Obviously, it's all based on blockchain

The Petro currency is there but it can’t be seen. It looks like a big scam

Marco Michelino, NEM blockchain expert says: "All tokens are still in one account. And they seem designed to impede their free circulation"

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