bitcoin price bounce

Bitcoin: the price of BTC bounces back

Unlike yesterday, today's performance of the cryptocurrency market sees a clear prevalence of green signs
cadt canadian stablecoin

CADT: the Canadian stablecoin is coming

It was announced on Canada Day
bitcoin illegal transactions

Bitcoin illegal transactions in sharp decline: less than 1%

Figures are significantly lower than the 7% recorded in 2012
liquid price gram token

Liquid: the price of the GRAM token is 4 dollars

The presale sale on the Japanese platform will start on July 10th
Cryptopia update account

Cryptopia: an update for account owners

The company that is dealing with the liquidation of the funds of the exchange has published a post addressed to customers pending reimbursement
lagarde crypto friendly european central bank

Lagarde in favour of a crypto friendly European Central Bank?

Here comes the successor of the more severe Mario Draghi
facebook congress members libra

Facebook: Congress members call for the suspension of Libra

An official letter from the President and Vice President of the Financial Services Committee of the House of the United States has been sent
Qtum lancia Eclair: soluzione personalizzata di lightning network

Eclair: Qtum’s Lightning Network solution

The network will be able to handle a much higher number of transactions compared to the past

Blockstream launches Liquid Swap Tool

The startup has released a new tool, which is very useful to avoid centralised entities