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DAI stablecoin isn’t getting the attention it deserves

MakerDAO released a decentralized token in 2017. Let's see how it works

Augur platform updates announced

Just over 12 weeks after its launch, the project announces fundamental updates to its services

Zimbra X, a Nasdaq giant joins the EOS network

The Synacor email project is the first corporate dApp of the blockchain

IBM and EOS on the Blockchain Live stage

The Blockchain Live event that was held yesterday in the British capital and had many interesting speeches but the ones that are worth mentioning...

Ethereum Mosaic is ready to improve ETH scalability

The Parity release manager urged to stop dApps, but the update is ready to be implemented

News about the 0x Protocol

Version 2.0 was announced today by co-founder Will Warren

EOS fork, Telos fixes mainnet defects

A mainnet update of the most known crypto project of the moment is coming soon

Cryptokitties tokens on the Stellar blockchain

KittyVerse is a team that developed the collectable cats and released an API to monetize these cards

Bancor EOS accidentally released to the public

One of the most popular and well-known decentralized exchanges — is expanding beyond Ethereum and a medium blog post has shown the new platform

COTI blockchain, “we’ve built the fastest and most scalable platform”

Cryptonomist interviewed Guy Klajman, who is working on a project that won the 1st place in the Google Tel Aviv Digital Conference 2018

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