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Bitcoin Lightning Network payments arrive in the United Kingdom (UK) with integration of Lolly POS

This development brings faster and more efficient transactions to the forefront of retail transactions

Bitcoin Lightning Network amid future challenges and opportunities

What will be the future of the Lightning Network?

Crypto news: Binance completes integration of Bitcoin Lightning Network

A step forward in the cryptosphere: Binance adopts the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Bitcoin Lightning Network hits new records, but channels are declining

Although the number of channels is decreasing, the average capacity per channel is increasing dramatically.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network node capacity marks a new all-time high

The USD countervalue, now at $170 million, is also growing steadily, but still far from the November 2021 ATH

Binance will finally integrate Lightning Network

Work has already begun, although it will still take a while before they can finish successfully

Bitcoin news: all the developments on the Lightning Network and the introduction of the PSBT standard

Strike is implementing new features to enable more convenient payments between US and Mexican citizens.

It is now possible to mint assets also on the Lightning Network

It opens a huge door especially for DeFi protocols that want to operate within the Bitcoin network as well

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