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Meta, eBay, KnownOrigin: the latest news on metaverse and NFTs

Lots of news including new ways to monetize content

Kaspersky loses the United States

Russia's decision penalizes local multinational companies

Global blockchain market will grow tenfold over the next few years

A report predicts that annual growth will occur at a compound rate of around 35%

Blockchain, not only Bitcoin: use cases of a “necessary” technology

Pandemic has accelerated the development of this technology

The First Online Crypto Brokerage SimpleFX

The platform holds the distinction for being the first of the online brokers to offer cryptocurrency trading accounts. 

Bank of Australia ready with its CBDC

2021 could be the year of central bank digital currencies

Vitalik Buterin against Google: “more competition is needed”

The overwhelming power of Big G to counteract decentralization

Crystal Rose and the developments of the EOS blockchain

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) was held with the CEO of Sense.Chat

The benefits of blockchain-based messaging apps

The technology could bring more privacy to chats

Too much demand for 7-nanometre chips: how does it affect crypto mining?

The current production has had to deal with numerous problems

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