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Sali a bordo di Fast Private Jet grazie ai vantaggi della Eidoo Black Card.

Grazie al programma vantaggi e premi di Eidoo Card, possiamo offrirti un’esperienza di viaggio straordinaria! Oggi annunciamo la nostra partnership esclusiva con Fast Private Jet,...

HTC: the founder of Ethereum against the mining of Monero

It would take 500 years to recover the costs of the smartphone by mining XMR

Bison Trails integrates Coinbase Custody for Polkadot

A collaboration with the custody service to enable Polkadot staking

Ghost: John McAfee’s privacy coin

Protection of anonymity is a priority for the influencer

Cardano: the numbers of the Shelley testnet

18,000 active users declare the success of staking

Forward-looking blockchain technology solutions tech giants should take a closer look at

It now allows improving a number of technical tools of high-tech gadgets without increasing the cost

Eidoo: 1 million EDO staked thanks to the debit card

12% of tokens have already been burned, with a significant increase in recent weeks thanks to the launch of the Eidoo Card

Scopri i vantaggi e i premi della Eidoo Card

La Eidoo Card è stata lanciata poche settimane fa, ma oltre 1 milione di EDO sono stati già messi in staking dagli utenti crypto...

Discover Eidoo Card perks & rewards

The Eidoo Card launched just months ago, yet over 3 million PNT has already been staked by crypto users claiming their cards. Now it’s...

È arrivato il programma di referral di Eidoo; EDO per te, ETH per un amico!

Diffondi Eidoo in tutto il mondo e ricevi 5 euro in EDO per ogni referral concluso con successo! Continua a leggere... Negli scorsi anni Eidoo...

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