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Bitcoin [BTC] and Loopring [LRC] Price Breakdown

BTC is back in the green on the monthly

MicroStrategy receives $1.6 billion for its Bitcoin bonds

The company was flooded with orders for Junk

MicroStrategy issues more bonds to buy bitcoin

It wants to raise another $400 million to buy more BTC

MicroStrategy: Board of Directors to be paid in bitcoin

The company will still pay in dollars, but they will be converted to BTC before being paid out

Square: a 50 million investment in bitcoin

After MicroStrategy, another major company decides to invest part of its reserves in BTC

MicroStrategy: half of the assets are in bitcoin

The company's BTC holdings increased to $425 million, almost half of its assets

MicroStrategy adopts Bitcoin as primary reserve

To combat the loss of value due to inflation, and to maximize returns

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