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Bitcoin: Boom in Lightning Network transactions

It was inevitable: with the blockchain congested, it makes sense to go through LN

Binance to integrate Lightning Network (LN)

The announcement is official, although there is no date yet

Coinbase CEO says Bitcoin Lightning Network will be integrated

Brian Armstrong stated that the LN network is fantastic

The tremendous growth of Bitcoin Lightning Network

Among the most recent and important adoptions is Xapo Bank, which has partnered with Lightspark

Strike will now allow businesses to send US dollars through Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Businesses will now be able to increase the efficiency of their payment processes, with lower costs and faster transactions

Bitcoin Lightning Network: Bitfinex records 10,000 deposits/withdrawals per month

The crypto exchange averages 1.2K cumulative BTC

Lightning Network: new services coming soon from MicroStrategy

Michael Saylor speculated on the development of innovative new solutions based on BTC and LN

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network: what is it and how does it work?

The second layer was created to improve blockchain scalability

Lightning Network: Strike has raised $80 million

It now aims to expand further and bring fast and cheap payments everywhere thanks to LN and Bitcoin

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