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Visa will now use the Solana blockchain for its USDC stablecoin partnerships

Move aims to simplify USDC settlement processing

USDC dominance dropping on Ethereum since the beginning of the year: stablecoin suffers advance of Tether (USDT)

Industry leader Tether and its flagship product USDT have seen an opposite trend to that of USDC

Shopify integrates Solana Pay for crypto payments in USDC

The e-commerce giant enables users to link crypto-wallets

Binance news: USDC reserves sold to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum

The crypto-exchange's PoR shows the purchase of 100,000 BTC and 550,000 ETH between March and May

Circle: the USDC stablecoin is mostly used outside the US

Adoption is expanding primarily in Asia, Latin America and Africa

OKX Wallet Launches Account Abstraction-Powered ‘Smart Account’ Feature, Enabling USDT and USDC Gas Fee Payments on Multiple Chains

Additional account abstraction capabilities, including a social recovery feature, will be rolled out at a later date

Circle: USDC stablecoin capitalization halved

After the highs recorded with the Terra/Luna implosion, a long decline has begun

China’s autonomous territory, Hong Kong, wants to compete with Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) and create its own stablecoin

A recent policy proposal highlighted the benefits of a government-backed stablecoin

CCTP Boosts USDC Interoperability: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Solidify As Nears 5k

As more blockchain projects achieve interoperability and more users participate in the community

Insight into the world of stablecoins: EURS vs. USDC

The main features of EURS and USDC stablecoins

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