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Bitcoin’s market cap exceeds that of Visa and Mastercard

Is decentralized finance already surpassing traditional finance?

Visa-Wirex strategic partnership: decisive steps in the APAC region for crypto

The long-term goal of the partnership is to facilitate access to the crypto world and increase its global adoption

Visa tests USDC payments on Ethereum

The idea is to allow fiat currency payments with Visa cards that can be topped up with stablecoins 

Tether surpasses Visa in trading volumes in 2022: $18.2 trillion in transactions

Tether's trading volumes in 2022 surpassed Visa and Mastercard

Visa: the 5 trends of 2023 for digital payments

Retail purchases for travelers, crypto and more

The best VISA-based crypto credit cards: everything there is to know, Revolut, Binance Card, Coinbase Card and Skrill: the top five VISA cards

Visa introduces automatic payments for crypto wallets

It even proposes an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) to introduce them directly into the Ethereum protocol

Visa and announce “Visa Masters of Movement” auction

The experience unveiled ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 exchange charges fees on its Visa cards

Changes in terms of use for's Visa cards

The Visa circuit in support of financial inclusion

Thunes expands Visa Direct's reach to 1.5 billion digital wallets

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