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China Construction Bank will issue bonds on blockchain

A $3 billion sale is expected to take place

Issued the first government bonds on the IBM blockchain

The central bank of Thailand has launched a platform based on IBM's DLT for the placement of government securities on the market

EU: 500 billion for the Coronavirus crisis, Eurobonds distant

The ESM should provide financial assistance to countries facing difficulties

MicroStrategy enters the MSCI World Global Stock Index: a new milestone for the largest holder of Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, the company known for being the largest holder of Bitcoin in the world, has reached a new milestone. Starting from May 31, the company will be included in the global stock index MSCI World, a significant recognition that reflects its growing role in the global financial landscape. With Bitcoin holdings currently valued at 13.5 billion […]

Price of Bitcoin above 100k according to a forecast

To take off, however, it is necessary to reduce the Effective High Yield Index of the USA, and this is anything but certain.

Solana: AgriDex raises $5 million to tokenize the agricultural industry

The startup has raised $5 million to expand crop tokenization and revolutionize buying and selling agreements in the agricultural sector.

Bitcoin Halving: possible scenarios after the halving and the price forecast of the crypto

We face a comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin price predictions post-halving.

BNP Paribas reveals to have bought shares of BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF

BNP Paribas, the second largest bank in Europe, has announced its investment in Bitcoin using BlackRock's spot ETF.

The stablecoin issuer Tether strengthens compliance with Chainalysis blockchain technology

The innovative collaboration for better surveillance of digital assets.

Tether: excellent news from the USDT stablecoin company

Record profits for the group, which now deals with more than just stablecoin.

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