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Artificial intelligence (AI) sets the price of Ethereum (ETH) for July 1st

In the midst of the media campaign for the approval of Ethereum ETFs, the AI has ventured some price predictions for ETH.

ETF on Ethereum: Binance reports the price increase and the performance of ETH

In the post-approval period, the crypto-exchange recorded unprecedented trading activity.

VanEck launches ETF on Ethereum (ETH) with zero commissions until 2025

Latest news on Ethereum: ETF, forecasts and more.

VanEck and the approval of Ethereum ETFs getting closer and closer

The hypothesis that they may go public on the stock exchange on Tuesday, July 2, is strengthening.

Standard Chartered intends to launch a trading desk for Bitcoin and Ethereum in London

Standard Chartered is preparing to launch its own trading desk to allow institutional clients to invest in Bitcoin.

July forecasts for the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum: analysis by Ryan Lee of Bitget

The influence of the macroeconomic context on crypto and the growth of the market cap of stablecoin

Securities and cryptocurrencies: The SEC drops the Ethereum case, but continues to pursue Ripple

The latest crypto news talks about new developments in the respective cases of the SEC against Ripple and Ethereum on the topic of security tokens.

ETF on Ethereum Spot: the price of ETH could plummet to $2,400 after the launch

According to Andrew Kang of Mechanism Capital, the crypto of smart contracts does not attract institutional investors.

Google Gemini Says How High Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum Token Will Rise by July 1st

Gemini asserts that Ripple (XRP) is ripe for a 50% lift while RCO Finance (RCOF) will jump 3,000% by July 1st.

Positive forecasts for Ethereum after the SEC’s waiver and in view of the ETFs

It is not yet clear if the price will be able to recover a bit in the short term, but in the long term it seems definitely more likely.

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