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5 altcoins to follow this week to increase your wallet by 10X

The crypto world buzzes with anticipation as the next Bitcoin halving unfolds, stirring predictions of a significant market surge.

Bitcoin whale moves 6 billion dollars to 3 different addresses: its wallet had been inactive since 2019

Two days ago, a Bitcoin whale moved 94,500 BTC from its wallet to 3 distinct cryptographic addresses.

The alleged EU ban on crypto wallets

There has been a lot of confusion due to a partially true news that has been incorrectly interpreted by many.

Google now displays Ethereum Name Service wallet balances in search results: a breakthrough for crypto users

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency community, Google has expanded support for Ethereum wallet balances, now including those associated with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains. This move further simplifies accessibility to blockchain data and demonstrates the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional platforms. The integration of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) […]

Trezor integrates three new languages: Spanish, French and German in the new version of the wallet

Trezor has just launched new languages in the latest version of the wallet, finally including French, Spanish, and German.

Robinhood has launched a wallet for Bitcoin and crypto

It is a non-custodial wallet app for Android.

Bitget Wallet launches the new crypto BWB with an airdrop program in points

The platform aims to increasingly involve users in its ecosystem.

The Coinbase wallet reinforced with Blockaid: a change in crypto security

Coinbase Wallet, one of the leading operators in the cryptocurrency space, has taken a proactive approach by integrating Blockaid, a cutting-edge security solution, into its platform five months ago. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. With the proliferation of self-custody wallets and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, ensuring the security of digital assets […]

Bitcoin news: MicroStrategy’s wallet soars to $13.7 billion

The Intelligence company is earning 7.6 billion dollars with its holdings in BTC.

The crypto wallet of Donald Trump reaches 7.5 million dollars

Powered mainly by the lightning-fast rise of MAGA and ETH.

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