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Bitcoin, Tether causing the hype. Or maybe not

At first light of dawn, a sharp upward movement made the prices of the whole sector rise

Italy, blockchain for the certification of diplomas

Overcoming bureaucratic problems and aligning one's training career between different countries, in a transparent, certified and immutable way, is finally possible in Italy as well

EOS community divided by language and technology barriers

The EOS community suffers from a division between the Chinese block and the rest of the world, but countermeasures are already being taken

Tron Odyssey 3.1 to surpass Ethereum and EOS

Il team attiva Odyssey 3.1 con l'obiettivo di spiazzare i concorrenti negli smart contract

Banca d’Italia: “Blockchain is the most studied technology in the sector”

During a meeting in Turin, the Director of the Supervision Service confirmed that the distributed registers are the main focus of study of many central and commercial banks.

Airline and airport blockchain based applications

An internal analysis of the sector shows that the various operators have identified blockchain as a strategic technology for future developments

The Petro explorer is online, but without blocks

The Venezuelan state cryptocurrency is not trustless, quite the contrary. It turns out to be an electronic currency managed by the government

Elon Musk Crypto and Tesla: a hate and love relationship

Now that the entrepreneur has been kicked out of the company, let's evaluate his relationship with the world of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, who to follow on Twitter

A list of noteworthy profiles for those who are looking for information or news about cryptocurrencies and other important DLT projects

JP Morgan blockchain, The Digital strategy is based on the Bitcoin tech

The recently released by Research And Markets press release positions the distributed ledger among the protagonists of the company business plan

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