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Ethereum and Polygon have already won the war for Web 3.0

There are many competing projects attempting to develop blockchains that will be able to realize the future

Cardano: EMURGO Africa, Veritree and a gold-backed stablecoin

The leading Proof of Stake blockchain keeps on focusing on developing countries

RBIS: double your Bitcoin in a bull or bear trend with Arbismart

The token has already gone up in value by more than 629%

Shiba Inu (SHIB): price climbs +50% in last 24 hours

The "Dogecoin Killer" jumps higher than DOGE

Bank of America invested $17 billion in blockchain and crypto in 2021

Tripled in one year, they are spawning many new crypto projects

Crypto regulation, Coinbase meets with members of US Congress

The exchange at the forefront of shared regulation

ZilBridge: the bridge between Zilliqa and Ethereum

The new feature was developed and implemented by Switcheo Labs

The bullish sentiment of Puerto Rican billionaire Orlando Bravo on Bitcoin

The billionaire calls himself optimistic about BTC's future

Thailand promotes crypto tourism with TAT Coin

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has decided to launch a utility token called TAT Coin to attract crypto holders to the country

An ETF combining BTC and ETH launched in Canada

This is the first ETF of its kind in the North American markets, pending approval for the US markets as well

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