bonds - search results a 6567% return for investors

The company that developed EOSIO is proposing a 10% buyback of its shares

Bitfinex against America

An insightful articles originally written by Alberto de Luigi in Italian languange

BlockchainEDU Milan Meetup: law and DLT

The lawyer Alessandro Negri della Torre as a guest of the BEN event

Moon Capital: the price of bitcoin will reach 98 million

A financial advisor has published a forecast indicating that BTC will replace all the world's currencies in the future

Can Blockchain be a Force to promote Gender Equality?

The hype for blockchain and decentralised currencies does not seem to stop

Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) lists blockchain based securities

Through its subsidiary Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange has announced that it has opened its doors to STOs.

BitMEX: Bitcoins in stake on Lightning Network yield 1% returns

According to a research by the exchange, the BTCs that are used to operate a payment channel have a positive return, but it is a very competitive environment

Patrick Springer, former Morgan Stanley: “Crypto leads to democracy”

Cryptonomist had the chance to interview Patrick Springer, now advisor of Polybird Global Exchange

The London Stock Exchange collects 20 million for the blockchain company Nivaura

A million-dollar financing round managed by the sixth largest stock exchange in the world has been finalised launches a blockchain based security trading platform

The objective of the Belarusian company is to achieve the management of more than 10,000 assets, including the shares of Apple

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