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Samsung invests in blockchain companies

Samsung is the most active, investing in as many as 13 blockchain companies

Google invested $1.5 billion in blockchain companies

Alphabet is the company that has invested the most in Blockchain companies over the past year, according to blockdata data

Crypto market in the red, price reactions after the news of the week

Coinbase's letter to shareholders and Tornado Cash's ban in the US affected the market

Coinbase under scrutiny by SEC for its staking programs

The scrutiny from the watchdog institution is not a formal investigation yet

Petition calling for resignation of SEC chairman

The choice is also linked to the fact that the SEC has been taking a very tough stance against cryptocurrency-related companies for some time now

Legislators and regulators move forward, but in no particular order

The current regulatory framework in Italy for those operating in the crypto world is redundant and not at all clear

What really happened to Terra LUNA and UST?

The actors involved in the collapse of the Terra ecosystem

Samsung Group Investment ready to launch an ETF on Blockchain

Samsung is riding the wave of ETFs exposed to the crypto market

Black Rock launches its first blockchain-based ETF

The world's largest investment firm breaks into the market with the offering of an ETF with exposure to the blockchain world

Elon Musk on Twitter’s board of directors

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX offers his first polls to Twitter users

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